The true fortune of Arabs

بتاريخ : Jun 14 2011 09:17:30

Jabir Shu`ayb Al Isma`il

Ibn Khaldun denotes in his Book "Al Muqaddimah" that the fortune of a people lies in its inhabitants who love work, good at it, and creative in doing it. How beautiful is the Chinese proverb which says: Do not give a fish to the poor, but teach him fishing.


In fact, the true fortune in any society, basically, lies in its human fortune whether quantitive or qualitative which is conscious, purposive, qualified, specialized, devoted to its work, and organized as one single body. When these qualities are available in the human power, it is easy to change dust into gold. All of us can see how did the Japanese with an area, which mountains make up about 80 %, build up an economic system that ruled all systems in the world.


To me, we should give first priority to bringing up new generation as flowing human resources in the time of knowledge, science, and smart technology. Our generations need extra-care, smart education, self-confidence, faith, and the ability to creativity and invention. May Allah show mercy to the person who said: "Do not raise your children as you were raised because they were created for a different time."


What we need is to deal well with the time of globalization which contains laboratory, computers, internet sites, libraries full of books, magazines, and translated materials, many references, and mastering the language of the current age. We also need to put the proper person in the proper place.


In order to fix the current painful Arabs' conditions, I see it is important to have a good educator who can qualify the rising generation to build up better generation in a virtuous Arab society.


Previously, I sent a call to the Arab citizens and asked them: Have you ever read the definition of an Arab citizen in the dictionary? Have you tried to ask a western citizen whose brains were manipulated by Zionist media, turned their thoughts upside down, and closed their eyes so as not to see their human resources?


Hereunder is the description of an Arab in their dictionary: An Arab is: Lounger, criminal, Idle, killer, and lazy or similar to these words.


In fact, I would say: The position of human resources and Arab adequacy is pessimistic to achieve any kind of economic development or even lead to a slight change in the quality and structure of Arabs' minds. Therefore, we note the spread of unemployment, migration of Arab qualified people, and the weakness of financial rewards against high living standards.


Hence, we conclude that we have to pay attention to human resources because they are our source of power, train them for using technology, and guiding them to use their minds properly so that goodness and blessing can prevail the Islamic and Arab nation.

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