The Israelis' feelings of fear and isolation

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Hisham Munawwar

If it was settled in our minds that the Zionist entity has one of the strongest armies in the region as well as in the world, and that the Zionist military machine is able to "crush" any potential resistance, the reality of military retreats that the Israeli army suffered have proved the falsity of these allegations. The settlers who live on the occupied land of Palestine are the first witnesses to the case of fear which they are experiencing regarding the future of the so-called "Israel" in light of its numerous structural crises, which lead to its isolation behind the Apartheid wall they have built.

The alleged force, which the generals are boasting of, did not stop the Israeli citizens to admit insecurity, fear, and feelings of isolation. In a survey of "the war and peace indicator," that is prepared in the University of Tel Aviv, and funded by the "Program of Evans for the settlement of disputes" that was published on (Yediot Aharonot) Website, the survey showed that one third of respondents believe that the "Zionist entity" is isolated, especially in the international arena. One third said: "The Zionist entity" is not isolated, however they could not assess the status of the occupied entity.


Nevertheless, the isolation status, which the Zionist voters suffer, has not been yet reflected on the confidence in the Zionist army to protect them, so the survey demonstrated that there has been a consensus that the Zionist army is able to face "the threats which face Israel." He said 85% of respondents said: they depend much on the ability of the army to defend the state as well as the citizens successfully in case if it is attacked by an Arab country.

Nonetheless, the results of the survey showed a lack of confidence in the government's ability to cope with political pressures, so he said. 54% of the people said: "They do not trust the ability of Netanyahu's Government" to face external pressures. 42% said: They believe in the ability of "Netanyahu's Government" to face the external pressures. As results show, 57% represent the left, 53% represent the moderates and 52% of represent the right who do not trust the ability of the current government of the "Zionist entity" to face the external pressure.


38% of the Jewish respondents said: they feel highly safe in terms of national security, 37% feel moderately safe while 22% feel low safety about their national security.

The state of fear, which the Zionists feel, affected their convictions that they need a comprehensive political solution in the region. Although our doubts concerning the inclination of Zionist citizens to the extreme right wing, the survey showed that most Zionists believe that the solution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a must.

72% of the respondents said: It is a must to reach an agreement between the Palestinians and the Israeli, whereas 24% said that they do not see things that way.

The survey performers stressed that the Zionist audience with all their political trends believe that there is a need to find a solution to the Zionist-Palestinian conflict. The percentage reached 82% in the left wing, 79% in the moderate wing, and 66% in the right wing. These results mean, despite the fact that the Zionists have confidence in the ability of the army to the face the Arabs' attacks successfully, they prefer a political solution to a military solution.

"The war and peace indicator" showed that the Zionists are divided regarding the possibility of war eruption between Israel and one or more Arab countries. 48% estimated that the "Zionist entity" might be under attack within the next five years, whereas only 44% said: There is a high risk or very high for wage a war against the "Zionist entity".

It seems that the purpose of preparing such reports and surveys is to convince the world public opinion that the Zionists are willing to achieve peace and the Palestinian side is the one who obstructs the peace process in light of the Palestinian division. However, the only confirmed matter in this survey is the escalation of the feelings of fear of Zionist voters about security and safety as well as the future of their occupying entity.


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